Perverted Phone Sex

By , August 23, 2014


Sitting here wondering who else likes perverted phone sex like I do! You know that women can be just as naughty as you can. Hell who makes you guys the way you are today? Women! Oh hell yes we do… I am Jessie and I will be your party girl tonight. Ready to take me on a ride? And I don’t mean a car ride either.

Meet me at the bar if you are to ashamed to pick me up at my door. I don’t mind, just because I will be wearing something that every guy will want to check me out. Damned old perverted phone sex freaks. I just know they have called me once or twice for something taboo or even a kinky fantasy.

Once you take me home, and yes you will take me home in your car. I have a few things to show you when you walk through my door for that night cap. Boy do I have one for you! All my perverted phone sex guys gets a chance to go through this with me so don’t be scared just be brave and come on in and take off your clothes. Yes, I would love to see what you are working with. It is a tiny dick then I don’t need you. But we could still have fun with me humiliating you. Call me soon, I am ready to get you hard!!

Jessie – 1-888-817-2621


Twisted Phone Sex

By , February 18, 2014


Hey, where are my twisted phone sex guys? I have a story that I would like to share but I want to make sure you read all about it. Have questions? You know how to find me. I use to get a call from a guy who loved the idea of incest and getting me pregnant. I would be his sister. I loved the idea of being my brothers sex slave.

I just love any type of twisted phone sex. If you have a mind like mine then we will get along really good. Do you like stroking your cock while being watched? I bet you do!! How about being watched while you play with your dog? I know I can be a sick bitch to. But I’ll have to admit, I love to watch.

If you think of something kinky, nasty or whatever comes to mind call me!! I am always ready for twisted phone sex. Let’s go to the extreme with a hot and dirty phone sex call. No limits remember? Incest, anal play, you name it you can get it.

Jessie – 1-888-817-2621


Perverted Phone Sex

By , February 11, 2014


Hello my dirty perverted phone sex freaks. What are you looking for? How about a little ageplay? You know how you like to check out that tight little cunt next door. I have seen you standing at your window with your cock in your hand. You are such a dirty old man. Something that really turns me on is to know you are masturbating to such a young pussy.

I love perverted phone sex, I am just a little bit of a perv. myself if you didn’t already know. I love fetish, fantasy role play. I am a very kinky and naughty girl when you make me that way. I love perverted dirty old men as much as the young guys. I am always ready to play in any way shape or form. Naked, clothed or tied up. I want you to show me just how demented you can be.

I grew up on a farm where I was just a girl acting as a tom boy. If you like your nuts cracked here I am the one for you. A little CBT would be good for perverted phone sex guys like you. If you want to get down to the extremes of why you are such a nasty cock stroking bastard, call me I will tell you. Like humiliation? I can handle that for you to.

Jessie – 1-888-817-2621


No Limits Phone Sex

By , February 4, 2014


Hi, Jessie here.. Are you ready for just a little kink with no limits phone sex? You know when a guy like you starts searching for certain taboo fantasies or maybe a role play you have been wanting to do for so long you  want a girl who lets you know that anything goes. Someone who is able to milk your cock the way you that you have only dreamed of. Well maybe I am that girl for you!

I can say that I have had many no limits phone sex sessions and I liked every thing about them. From the horny, cock stroking perverts to just a dirty minded old man. I might not say this very often being the type of girl that I am, but I like pedo calls just as much as the next dirty girl. Why don’t you find out for yourself?

Maybe you have something else in mind. Could be you like to cross dress and show off for women. I don’t know but I sure am trying to find out what type of no limits phone sex calls you like. Just want a good conversation with a sexy girl like me? I am up for that to.. you can still tell me what ever you want. Nothing will shame me or make me hang up. Or if you like, call me your dirty slutty mom. I kinda like that. You can be my son and make me do things to you that I wouldn’t normally do. How about it!! Ready to get your cock milked?

Jessie – 1-888-817-2621


Taboo Phone Sex

By , January 28, 2014


Hey boys this is Jessie, your fun taboo phone sex girl. I always have my bedroom door open for guys who are into anything goes or even no limits. I am ready to take you on with any phone sex desires you may have. I bet your cock is craving something right now that you know you can’t get. What could that be? Maybe she is a under age sweet little thing that you can’t get close to. Am I right? Need a accomplice to help with your situation?

You know I will help you with any personal pleasure that you need. Taboo phone sex is just the beginning of what we could really make happen. Let’s go shopping! Or we could take a walk through the kiddy park. You know we would find something there you like. Now now get from behind those blinds, I know you are already stroking thinking of the kinky things I will have you getting into.

So now that you know I am just another dirty girl what about a kinky taboo phone sex call with me and one of my sisters from the site? If you would like to set up a 2 girl call with me and another girl just let me know. The both of us would give you a run for you money. What I can’t handle I know my girlfriend can. Call me soon. Don’t let us get cooled off. As they say, get it while it’s hot!

Jessie – 1-888-817-2621